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Norwegian Dream Pop Newcomer Yndling Shares Stunning New Single ‘Out Of My Way’

Showcasing atmospheric dream-pop that’s full of impact an depth and ingenuity, Norway’s Yndling has unleashed the intoxicating new single ‘Out Of My Way’. Despite being only her third single release, the track demonstrates such a complete and thoroughly well thought out sound that it’s hard to believe Yndling is not already a household name. Opening …

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Alex Frew releases poignant and thought-provoking new single ‘Something To Hold Onto’

There’s a profound message and unique perspective that can be found in Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Frew’s latest single, ‘Something To Hold Onto’. Having made a name for himself releasing honest, introspective and relatable, teen-centric pop songs, Alex Frew continues to showcase his skill as a songwriter with his latest release; a thought-provoking and poignant song …

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