Alex Frew releases poignant and thought-provoking new single ‘Something To Hold Onto’

There’s a profound message and unique perspective that can be found in Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Frew’s latest single, ‘Something To Hold Onto’. Having made a name for himself releasing honest, introspective and relatable, teen-centric pop songs, Alex Frew continues to showcase his skill as a songwriter with his latest release; a thought-provoking and poignant song about struggles with mental health issues and addiction.

Speaking on his third original single, the Toronto-native shares:

“This is a viewpoint that I have always wanted to explore in my songwriting,” Alex Frew says. “It’s asking: “If my addictions had the ability to speak, what would they say?” This song is a way in which I can navigate that perspective.”

Divulging slightly from his penchant for airy, dream-pop inspired instrumentals and angst-fuelled lyrics, ‘Something To Hold Onto’ sees Frew jump on a dark and fervent instrumental composed of syncopated beats and a high drama melody. With highly cerebral and metaphorical lyricism, ‘Something To Hold Onto’ proves that Alex Frew has a lot more to show for himself, demonstrating a range and versatility not yet seen before.




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