Michael Peloso, Marisa Frantz, Matthew Shell Release ‘Rewind’!

Music really does make the world go ‘round. You may think I’m in such high spirits after a late-night sampling of the leftover Christmas gin, but I can assert that I my evening mirthfulness comes from an exquisitely tranquil, indie-pop pearl! Easy-listening in a joyous, zest-flecked shade of positivity, Michael Peloso’s new single ‘Rewind’, exudes such a comforting charm that makes you feel like everything in your life will turn out just peachy. A sentimental, admittedly, I rather needed in this unyielding season of university assignments…

Peloso’s lambent optimism has been garnered over a lifetime of perseverance and hope, having been the only son of Italian immigrants who travelled to America, longing to show Peloso a better life. Through his parents’ effort, Michael Peloso was embraced into a world of varying opportunities, but none grabbed his attention as ardently as the art of music. Several years and one discovery of REO Speedwagon’s ‘Keep On Loving You’ later, Peloso wrote his first song. Although he doubts he would share the works of his adolescent self, crafting his first song helped him ignite a great zeal for his song-writing process.

It is safe to say that virtuosic creativity suits Peloso – 2018 being the year that led Peloso to the Grammys  with single ‘The Letting Go’, which he co-wrote with singer/songwriter Natalie Jean. Wavering not one bit, Michael Peloso went on to release a debut solo album of the name ‘Life’s Little Accidents’ in 2021.

That being said, I am beyond excited to dive into Peloso’s latest venture, so without further delay, let’s kick back and ‘Rewind’.

Employing the talents of the astounding multi-instrumentalist/singer, Marisa Frantz – as well as the versatile master of mixing that is Matthew Shell – ‘Rewind’ is rooted in greatness. Opening with a twee vocal delivery from Frantz, we are immediately introduced to a bejewelled harmony between Marisa’s beautifully pure timbre and a sunshine-soft guitar riff. Ornamented with a silky, languorous tempo, this single wants you to put your feet up and allow your stresses to melt into its delicate melody.

There is a dreamy tonality that permeates across the track, which oddly enough, gave me flashbacks to my childhood when I would binge-watch the 90s series of Charmed. The gentle, but upbeat, songs that swept over the opening shots of San Francisco effused a buttery luminescence that ‘Rewind’ shares.

For me, when Frantz sings “Rewind, rewind / Take me back in time” it did exactly what it says on the tin. There are slivers of nostalgia in this song that, despite its modernity, has a mellifluent gift of creating a sense of familiarity. You are transported back to a romantic, simpler time on the breeze of angelic vocals, coy drumbeats, and spectacular guitar work.

Floating towards a sparkling diminuendo, I feel like I’m the most care-free person in the world. Assignments? Work? A never-ending state of utter skint-ness? That is tomorrow’s problem and with ‘Rewind’, I can take the night off. This song is definitely going into my go-to-comforts list and with that, now that I have experienced Michael Peloso’s ‘Rewind’, I’m going to unwind…

Till next time!



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