Review: ‘I’d Do It Again’ by Michael Ransom

London-based singer songwriter Michael Ransom labels his musical sound as simple, honest and layered, with influences including The Beatles and Nirvana. His latest track, ‘I’d Do It Again’, absolutely encapsulates this.

The fourth single from his upcoming EP, ‘I’d Do It Again’ explores the experience of meeting somebody, overdoing it and feeling dreadful afterwards yet still desiring to see them again. Ransom perfectly conveys that highly tumultuous yet thrilling experience of desire and delivers it through a mellow, lo-fi tune with soft vocals.

There is an undeniable cinematic quality to the track, it would fit rather perfectly on the soundtrack of an indie rom-com movie. The song effortlessly manages to blend past with present, through the authentic retro richness of its music which contrasts with the contemporary edge of its lyrics. This dream-like tune radiates warmth, leaving you with a genuine lusting after an enthralling and addictive experience of your own.

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