NEW MUSIC: Matthew Barton – A Peaceful Killing

Hailing from the Midlands, UK-based Matthew Barton is a genre-defying singer-songwriter fusing elements of folk, pop and alternative pop to develop a cinematic pop experience. Receiving coverage from the BBC, Turtle Tempo (that’s us!), The Other Side Reviews, Diana Listens and Becky and the Bands, Matthew is carving a name for himself on a national and international level. The latest addition to his discography is ‘A Peaceful Killing’.




Taken from the forthcoming short film I AM NORMAN by Aaron Blake and Darius Shu, ‘A Peaceful Killing’ is smooth, flowing and tranquil. Unlike the previous upbeat single ‘Judy Garland’ – read our review here – Matthew adopts a slower sound with simple instrumentation to create a swirling ambience in this track.

Carefully layering velvety synths atop a melodic piano baseline, ‘A Peaceful Killing’ has a sonically hypnotic effect with the inclusion of Matthew’s charming vocals adding to its delicacy. Bold, yet still hushed, Matthew’s dulcet tones effortlessly cascade over the calming melody lulling the listener into a comfort zone despite the darker concept of the track.

“The imagery in the song rests on the tension between the beautiful and the brutal. I think it represents our lives in general – life can be beautiful and brutal.” – Matthew Barton on ‘A Peaceful Killing’

Reminiscent of Tori Amos and Fiona Apple, ‘A Peaceful Killing’ takes on the painful and pleasurable aspects of reality. As Matthew says, “life can be beautiful and brutal”, it merely takes an alternative approach to see the elegance of savage situations. With his unique Barton stamp, Matthew represents this labyrinth with harmonic melodies and silky sounds.

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