Dreamy New Track “Lightleak” from There’s Talk: Review

Some music makes you want to dance. Some music makes you want to sing. Some music, namely this music, makes you want to float. There’s Talk’s new song “Lightleak” is a beautiful testament to dreampop.

Drawing influences from Beach House, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Cigarettes After Sex (whom they supported), this shoegaze three-piece use the track to explore themes of recovery, transformation and hope. Naturally being synth-driven, the soft vocals are made for the genre and lend themselves to the lyrics, frontwoman Olivia Lee singing, “light is leaking through the roof, do you feel it?”.

Lee tells the story of this song on an Instagram post, coupled with examples of how the song developed (with guitar, piano, and then synths); it seems both literally and metaphorically, light pierced through darkness for Olivia, offering both clarity and direction. If one could hear beams of light, I imagine it sounding something like “Lightleak”.









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