Tag: Shoegaze

In Conversation with Sisyphes

Describing themselves as deviant-pop, Geoffrey Papin (vocals and guitar), Jimi Tormey (synths), Clémentine Blue (vocals, bass and bass synth) and John Davies (drums) push the boundaries of shoegaze in the seaside town of Margate and beyond. We chat with Sisyphes about their new single ‘Samsara’, their future plans and how to find new music. Why …

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NEW MUSIC: ‘Dedicated Consumers’ by Butterflies On Pins

Starting initially as a three-piece, Butterflies On Pins consists of Ross Liddle (vocals), Katie Green (bass) and Rob Alexander (guitars). The band has recently brought in drummer Paul Winter-Hart, while synth duties fall on Molly Vivian. The band might have only formed last year, but their sound is anything but juvenile.

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ALBUM REVIEW: ‘We Choose Pretty Names’ by Kermes

Hailing from the Leicester DIY scene, Kermes serve a healthy chunk of discord and clashing noise to suitably introduce ‘I Wanna Be Yr Sometimes’. It’s a frank opener to their debut album, ‘We Choose Pretty Names’, and it’s a precursor for the no holds barred, unreserved psyche that the quartet have built their record upon. …

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