Hongza releases powerful Indie pop EP ‘Gen Z’

Sam Hong, otherwise known as Hongza, grew up in North London in a Vietnamese household and was initially encouraged not to pursue his musical dreams by members of his close circle. Choosing to disregard those voices and follow his heart, he comes to us now with a poignant and brand new offering.

Now the up and coming artist releases his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Gen Z’ with impressive organic tones of 90’s Indie rock, Pop and shoegaze.

The opening single ‘Cure Me’ is a hard hitting drum heavy Indie ballad. Filled with a live instrumental backing throughout, followed closely by Hongza’s unique vocals, this EP is a carefully constructed showcase of the artists exceptional talents.

‘Dream Eat Sleep’ is the second song on the EP, featuring a beautiful outro section, whilst a slow rhythmic and laid back guitar plucks away with the lead vocals detailing a truly emotive performance, short but so sweet and contrasting nicely with the rest of the project.

With the arrival of his debut EP comes the exciting announcement of him joining the line-up at Wild Paths Festival and his first live show at Colors Hoxton on the 1st of July.

In the meantime, check out the EP below:


‘Cure Me is originally about growing up and recovering from a break-up but my view on the track has slightly changed. It’s not  only about falling in love, it’s about recovering from heartbreak through finding your true friends, spending time with your family  and learning to love yourself during a rough time.”  – HONGZA


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