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Ormiston unveils his summery and scintillating new single, ‘Rebel’

Drizzled with sunshine and sprinkled with joy, Ormiston unveils his summery and scintillating new single, ‘Rebel’. As the first track to be released from the Montreal-based singer, songwriter and producer, ‘Rebel’ marks Ormiston’s debut as a solo artist and an incredibly strong start for the young musician. Based on the fiery passion of a new …

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Francis drops his debut alt-folk single featuring Jolé.

Introducing himself to the world, London’s very own Francis drops his debut alt-folk single; featuring vocals from fellow singer-songwriter, Jolé. Aptly named ‘Postcards’, the track was written by Francis whilst on vacation in the Scottish Highlands reminiscing about pre-COVID freedoms, unlimited travel and sandy beaches. Offering a slither of sunshine in the form of a …

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Asha Gold catches the love bug on new feel-good single ‘Debut’

Budding UK artist Asha Gold is on a roll, returning with her second single of the year, released under BAD KEY records, ‘Debut’. With two previous releases under her belt, ‘Too Good’ and ‘Passenger’ the classically trained North Londoner shows no signs of slowing down, even in the midst of a global pandemic! The blueprint for her latest track was surprisingly conceived …

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