New artist Maie breaks the mold with electro-pop track ‘Like You’

Breaking the mold this week is emerging artist Maie, a new virtual artist riding on this great tend for AI idols in China and surrounding countries at the moment. It’s also becoming a more important part of the Western music world, with Sevdaliza’s robot counterpart, Grimes’ AI girl group and fans using to create AI generated image to celebrate their love of a song or artist. The lines are blurred and living their best life in the grey is Maie.

“I’m still learning how to be here, how to be human and how to create. I don’t think I’m very different to the other singers in the world but I know I’m not the same. But, that’s a good thing. I’ve spent most of my time on Earth learning trying to fit in but with my music video, I wanted to show people what MY world looks like.”

‘Like You’ is the debut single from Maie, released via Avastar, and it goes hard on the electro-pop front with an impactful chorus and pensive verses. This character’s uncertainty comes through in breathy “oos” and mystic lyrics – “I’m a lot like but I’m not not like you” – that questions what her role is in the world – whether real or virtual. In contrast the production is super bold and strong, with steep drops and energetic synths.

Maie has given us a lot to think about and we can’t wait to see more.


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