EMMAXTHOMAS: A Sit-Down With Upcoming Indie Artist!

I have an amazing treat for all you indie lovers today, something as unique and fun as the artist I will be introducing to you! EMMAXTHOMAS. A name you might be familiar with if, like me, you love to seek out upcoming musicians that have the potential to revitalise the indie genre. If, however, you are criminally unaware of the singer/songwriter from London – allow me to give you a deeper insight into what makes the creator of bright, new track ‘youonlylovemewhenimhappy’, the amazing musician she is today.

I had the pleasure of having a little chat with EMMAXTHOMAS and it was a delight to hear what she had to say about how her musical journey started, all the way through to what exciting projects she will be working on in the future.

Let’s dive straight in, shall we?

Hey Emma, thank you so much for this interview and congratulations on your latest release! So tell us a little bit about yourself: what makes Emma tick?

EMMAXTHOMAS: Hi there! Well about me – I have been singing since I was able to talk! It’s an integral part of who I am and from an early age, I knew music was my calling. When I’m not singing, I teach in a primary school which I adore (the teaching part, not so much the paperwork!). Of course, needless to say that I feel the most joy and excitement when I have music lessons with the children! Other than that, I am also pursuing my other passion of video-editing which I studied in University; I love it, especially when it means I can work with my friends on their music projects too!

As a young and upcoming songwriter, what is it about your personal creative process that makes you unique?

EMMAXTHOMAS: Every song I write is from my heart, all tailored to emotional experiences I have had even if it isn’t obvious from your first listen. I love songs that have layers of meaning and have tried to implement that in my own work. My creative process is like a therapeutic expression for me, which I get to explore by listening to a huge range of genres and incorporating elements I relate to the most.

Talking about your song-writing, you have released a lovely new single ‘youonlylovemewhenimhappy’! The nerd in me is hearing hints of music from old 16-bit games and I was wondering if there was anything from your inner nerd that inspired how your single sounds?

EMMAXTHOMAS: I’m not too sure about ‘inner nerd’ but definitely the music nerd in me was inspired by Holly Humberstone’s music and certain elements of the electronic scene.

On the topic of inspiration, I saw on your Instagram that you have braved the emoji improv challenge, testing your lyric-creating abilities whilst on the spot. Did the challenge help you whilst creating lyrics for your recent single?

EMMAXTHOMAS: Not for this track specifically, but I have received high praise for my ability to create lyrics by my peers and its through my openness with my emotions that helps me to ignite the lyrical inspiration.

I also noticed that you have performed at The Finsbury recently. Have you had to deal with any performance anxiety? If so, how do you overcome that obstacle?

EMMAXTHOMAS: Oh, definitely, I am a very anxious performer. The way that I deal with it is simple really: the more I perform live, the easier the anxiety gets. I push through my nerves, and it is a slow process for any new artist, but trust me – the more you let go of the controls and just enjoy the moment, the easier every performance gets!

Everyone has their unique ways of dealing with anxiety, just as everyone has their heroes when it comes to pursuing their dreams, and I understand your dad is a powerful factor in your music. How has he helped shape the musician you are today?

EMMAXTHOMAS: My dad was the reason I found my passion for music. He is an insanely talented multi-instrumentalist, and it really boils down to me looking up to him and thinking he was the coolest dad ever. It pushed me to pursue a self-taught career in music, even though I have a short attention span when it comes to practising my instruments.

Now, let’s take a nosedive into the heart of this amazing track: what was the driving force for writing the song?

EMMAXTHOMAS: The inspiration for this track comes from personal experiences with relationships. I had a brief relationship with someone who ended it after a time where I was not my happiest self. Strangely, it was similar to a prior relationship in which I joked ‘you only love me when I’m happy’ and he confirmed it. So, yeah, the track is rooted in my experiences with not being appreciated even when I’m not in an upbeat place.

We have explored what this track means to you, but what is the one message you want your fans to take away from listening to this single?

EMMAXTHOMAS: I actually had a conversation with my sister before I wrote this song, and it turned out she was going through something similar. I thought my listeners would be able to relate to this idea, especially given how many people go through this, even in my family. I want my fans to know that although these painful experiences do happen, you have people around you that can empathise and help you heal.

That being said, where can your fans find this new single and other brilliant singles like it?

EMMAXTHOMAS: Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube – I am on everything really!

And last and definitely not least – what is next for you in your musical career?

EMMAXTHOMAS: I am working on a new single called ‘Radio Stops Working’ which started as a song that was simply about my car troubles, but it grew into a song about other things in my life that I am having trouble with and going a little off track. Other than working on more songs with my sister and Jennings Couch, (which I am really excited for!) and collaborating with Pink Monkey Bird, I am hoping that I can perform at festivals like the Secret Garden Party in the future!

I’ve got to give a huge thanks to EMMAXTHOMAS for her time and interview! Her new single ‘youonlylovemewhenimhappy’ is available to stream now!

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You can see Emma perform live at The Gladstone Arms, London on Sunday 16th October – RSVP here!

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