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Beneath The Surface: Tailor

Hello, howdy, hi and welcome back to another Beneath The Surface session. This time we are joined by the wonderful Tailor, who has recently released his debut EP ‘Reminisce’. Electronic pop at it’s finest, ‘Reminisce’ is infused with subtle dance elements and is accompanied by two visuals. One an official music video and another more …

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Beneath The Surface: Irene Skylakaki

Good evening and welcome to another Beneath The Surface feature. Today’s guest is the gloriously talented Greek artist Irene Skylakaki. She has blessed us with a treasure chest of insight to not only her artistic journey so far, but everything we have to look forward to in the not too distant future. A pure joy …

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Beneath The Surface with alexdrake.

Happy Monday folks! I know what you’re thinking… it’s a Monday and we have already been blessed with another Beneath The Surface feature. Aren’t I good to you? Here’s hoping you have a smashing start to your week despite a new lockdown looming (yay). In todays feature we get to know the NJ based, alternative …

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