‘Mama’ is Chibundu Onuzo’s plea to course correct the direction humanity is going in

We love a song with a story here at Turtle Tempo and that’s a guarantee with professional storyteller Chibundu Onuzo. Already internationally acclaimed as a novelist, the Nigerian creative has also delved into the world of music to add another dimension to her tales.

‘Mama’ is a story we all share as it’s one about the future of the planet. Framed as a family affair, Chibundy Onuzo seeks out parental guidance in the strong and soulful timbre of her voice. With great control and emotional cadence, the now UK settled artist centers “us” and makes it known that we shouldn’t follow the industrial path of our recent ancestors, but look to a more environmentally friendly future.

Released on November 6th during the COP26 conference, ‘Mama’ is one of  the many pleas to “course correct” heard over recent weeks. As Chinbundu states, “I want a better world”.

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