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‘Mama’ is Chibundu Onuzo’s plea to course correct the direction humanity is going in

We love a song with a story here at Turtle Tempo and that’s a guarantee with professional storyteller Chibundu Onuzo. Already internationally acclaimed as a novelist, the Nigerian creative has also delved into the world of music to add another dimension to her tales. ‘Mama’ is a story we all share as it’s one about …

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Environmental duo Berne release new single ‘Stay’ with stop motion video.

Berne have returned with their third single, the poignant, electro pop tune ‘Stay’. The London based band have accompanied this heart felt and poetic release with a carefully crafted stop motion music video, that magnifies the message and intention of this track. Deborah Borg Brincat and Gianluca Pulvirenti, are the faces behind Berne and time …

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