Weekly Roundup: Kan Wakan, Nana Razaia, Pearl & more

Kan Wakan – No Sweat Off My Back

Capturing an essence of 4AD alumni SOHN, Kan Wakan’s new single ‘No Sweat Off My Back’ is a stunning, melancholic beauty. Modulated synths, gentle yet pulsing beats, dappled arpeggiators and thoughtful guitar lines build an atmospheric, Thom Yorke-esque soundscape under Kan’s pinpoint, breathy falsetto vocals as they layer harmonies over the haunting backing. As the track builds the layers of squelching synths blend with the delicate, intricate fingerpicked guitar lines as the track floats towards it’s breathe taking climax.

A stunning track with immense emotion and depth, I would put this in my top 10 discoveries of the year.


Nana Razaia – It’s Already Yours

Blending elements of House with her Pop infused vocals, Nana Razaia captures a unique flavour to her sound, comparable to the more experimental work of Nao. Built around a crunchy bass loop and four to the floor beat, Nana Razaia layers analogue synths and her silky lead vocals that she chops up and pitch shifts across the track expertly. Dancable, experimental and thoroughly enjoyable, it’s easy to see ‘It’s Already Yours’ gaining a lot of love from playlists and DJs.


Pearl – Honeymoon Suite

Pearl’s new single ‘Honeymoon Suite is Indie-Pop perfection: catchy vocal lines, full of energy, quirky instrumentation, the track has a lot of elements in it’s favour.

Opening with a hyper 80’s phasing synth line and quacky guitars comparable to The 1975’s ‘Love Me’, the tracks charm and energy radiates right from the off. Refusing to settle in one place, the layers of funk infused guitar and moments of distorted synths bounce around from one side to the other momentarily throughout the verse over the backbone of solid synth bass and punchy drums. Pearl’s subtly overdriven vocals are as charismatic as they are tuneful pulling everything together whilst simultaneously keeping you hanging on her every word. The tracks ultra catchy chorus slaps in with a joyous energy before the track then moves into a moment of atmospheric wonder before returning to it’s intense energetic core.

This is a very hard track to dislike and in fact, with so many smile inducing moments it’s easy to imagine this becoming a future hit.


Greyskies – The Mind Is Like The Moon

Icelandic Indie-Rocker Greyskies capture an essence of The 1975 as much as he does Halsey on his new single ‘The Mind Is Like The Moon’, a track which effortlessly blends elements of Electronic-Pop with Alt-Rock and Indie to great effect. Opening with electric keys under his fuzzy vocals, the overdriven guitar lines bubble at the sides, gliching their way in as if they’re itching at the seems to burst the track into life.

As the ear-worm, huge chorus bursts it’s way in, the R&b influence on Greyskies vocal line is evident as the track’s emotive, cathartic nature shines.


Don Mai – Stay The Night


Aussie Pop artist Don Mai goes full 80s Electro-Pop on his new single ‘Stay The Night’. His third single of the year, the solo artist has been slowly building his repertoire and his skill as a writer. Punchy electronic drums, tight electronic bass and washy synths create a smooth soundscape over which Don shares his honest feelings and thoughts. With synth sounds comparable to Synth-Pop star Robyn, the new single’s simplicity works to it’s advantage as it demonstrates a clean, well put together delivery that is mirrored by Don’s tight vocal delivery.

Catchy and effortlessly heartfelt, Don constantly demonstrates more and more potential with every release.

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