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Weekly Roundup: Friends Don’t Die, Alexa Van, Kūmorebi & More

FRIENDS DON’T DIE – SLOWDOWN Blending elements of shoegaze and indie-rock, Friends Don’t Die creates a sound that incorporate both an air of early 2000’s indie whilst also invoking elements of the airy sounds of Slowdive. The brainchild of LA solo artist George Gomez, Friends Don’t Die, definitely captures a unique sound on the new …

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Weekly Roundup: Kan Wakan, Nana Razaia, Pearl & more

Kan Wakan – No Sweat Off My Back Capturing an essence of 4AD alumni SOHN, Kan Wakan’s new single ‘No Sweat Off My Back’ is a stunning, melancholic beauty. Modulated synths, gentle yet pulsing beats, dappled arpeggiators and thoughtful guitar lines build an atmospheric, Thom Yorke-esque soundscape under Kan’s pinpoint, breathy falsetto vocals as they …

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