Beneath the Surface with Abergale Bremner

Hello friends and welcome to another succulent slice of Beneath the Surface. Todays feature is a particularly exciting one as I chat to Global Embodiment Facilitator, Feminine Leadership Coach and now emerging Australian Artist, Abergale Bremner!

We go deeeeep & things get juicy so grab a cuppa and let’s dive right in!

What would you say first sparked your interest in music/who inspired you to make music?

I wanted to share more of myself and my heart with the world. I have been an Entrepreneur and Facilitator of personal transformation for 5 years and I wanted to create art & music that allowed me to express more of who I really am and inspire others. 

Billie Eilish & Beyonce for different reasons. Billie for her rawness & real expression. Beyonce for her power, boldness & sass. 

How would you describe the music you are currently creating?

Bold. Layered. Emotive. Magical. Lit AF. 

What does your creative process look like?

I prioritise intimacy with myself. I journal my feelings, I dance and then I bring inspiration to my producer. We then play with layering sounds and beats and I jam & freestyle over the top until something feels really good in my body. 

I want my music to move my listeners. Physically & emotionally. 

Who would you most like to collaborate with? (let’s send it out to the universe and make it happen!)

Dayummm. Billie Eilish or Beyonce. 

What is the one message you would like to send out to your fans?

Remember to keep opening to love. 

Your heart is the gateway to your limitless potential. 

What’s your top tip to rejuvenate your creativity/get over a writer’s block?

Dance. Shake it out. Get into my body. 

A bath with magnesium salts & some relaxing music also really helps. Everytime I get into water my creativity starts to flow. 

What’s next for you, what do we have to look forward to/ what are you currently working on?

More magical music that raises your vibe, gets you moving and reminds you of how amazing you are. 

I want to create live personal transformation experiences that infuse art & music & that remind us of the beauty & magnificence of this life. 

Check out Abergales debut single ‘Open to Love’ below:

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