NEW MUSIC: Vivid – Unreal

Twangy and shimmering – this is how Vivid describe their music. I couldn’t agree more. Hailing from Copenhagen, the Danish quartet combine 80s New Wave with 90s power-pop resulting in melodic experimentation. Originally founded by Mads Mundt, Troels Siggard and Markus Drag of the alternative group Panda Cash, Vivid diverges from Panda Cash’s punk-rock sound. The lineup was finished in 2019 with the addition of bassist Anton Truelsen.

Vivid released a demo EP in 2018 introducing the world to their unique sound (minus Anton the bassist).  Fast forward two years to 2020 and Vivid has released two singles as a build-up to their new five-track EP (with Anton the bassist). ‘Unreal’ and ‘Son of the Sun’ are what we have to feast on until Autumn hits with the EP.

As mentioned, Vivid has diverged from Panda Cash’s punk-rock using synths, flowing guitars and delicate vocals from Drag. Highly reminiscent of Depeche Mode and Duran Duran, ‘Unreal’ has a soothing and ethereal quality. While ‘Unreal’ can easily be placed among the 80s New Wave bands, the dynamic guitar riffs hold true to an indie-rock vibe. Another element I love is Drag’s high-pitched vocals, particularly during the chorus. Well-placed instrumentation completes the intensity of the vocals making the track unreal.



I am not the greatest fan of New Wave, but Vivid could convert me with their melancholic mish-mash of New Wave, power-pop and indie-rock. I look forward to Vivid’s upcoming EP and what other sonic experiments they have to offer.

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