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In Conversation with Twobox

Working under the moniker ‘twobox.’, Preston-based producer Nicholas Langdon is creating and sharing a unique type of music. His debut EP┬áKiss Politics is a reflection on Nicholas’ relationships during his twenties and documenting the fickle nature of young love. We had a chance to speak with twobox. about the single ‘Fireflies’, how to stay motivated …

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NEW MUSIC: Vivid – Unreal

Twangy and shimmering – this is how Vivid describe their music. I couldn’t agree more. Hailing from Copenhagen, the Danish quartet combine 80s New Wave with 90s power-pop resulting in melodic experimentation. Originally founded by Mads Mundt, Troels Siggard and Markus Drag of the alternative group Panda Cash, Vivid diverges from Panda Cash’s punk-rock sound. …

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