NEW MUSIC: Dreaming That I’m Not In Love by Stay Lunar

Bristol-based quintet Stay Lunar have already made an impact across the country with their dream-pop songwriting. With previous releases gaining wide recognition, their latest wonder holds onto their roots while breathing a fresh, new story. ‘Dreaming That I’m Not In Love’ transcends through relationship insecurities and inescapable nightmares that cling to you day by day.

Despite it’s slight sinister meaning, the track is brought to life with a driving bass, exquisite guitar melodies and of course, a heavenly amount of synths. 

 “We want to make music that makes people feel something, but simultaneously want to dance”, explains singer/songwriter Harry Leigh. “We really enjoy capturing melancholic subjects in their rawest form, then crafting them into upbeat and energetic songs. For us, it spins difficult topics and situations into hopeful, optimistic pieces” 

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