NEW MUSIC: ‘Not Gonna Lie’ by Andrew Applepie

Berlin native, Andrew Applepie brings his laid-back sounds and organic nature to his new music offering ‘Not Gonna Lie’. Andrew takes a very experimental approach to his music, using an array of musical instruments in various shapes and sizes to construct his electronic, dream pop sounds. He simply experiments with whatever he can get his hands on, be it the latest ukulele or a kitchen saucepan.

‘Not Gonna Lie’ opens as a delicate folk-esqe track, which will leave you yearning for the chance to sail off on a rubber dingy into the vast ocean abyss. It quickly however is turned on its head as it morphs into an infectious indie-pop track. Catchy lyricism and a familiar guitar melody will have you singing along in no time.

The tracks laid-back nature is perfect for those relaxed listens as you soak up the summer rays. From the very first listen its hard not to fall in love with this record, it’s infectious and will sit comfortably upon any chilled musical genre playlist. It’s one for those lazy afternoons, as you lay slumped within a hammock on the beach, sipping a Piña Colada from the hotel bar.

‘I’m not gonna lie, oh no. I tried this a million times, oh no.’ is the almighty hook that will be lodged quite comfortably in your head for days on end and that’s definitely not a bad thing. ‘Not Gonna Lie’ will leave you in a pretty happy place, after every listen. The happy nature of this track is contagious and we couldn’t thank Andrew Applepie enough for providing the soundtrack to our summer.

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