NEW MUSIC: ‘Dedicated Consumers’ by Butterflies On Pins

Starting initially as a three-piece, Butterflies On Pins consists of Ross Liddle (vocals), Katie Green (bass) and Rob Alexander (guitars). The band has recently brought in drummer Paul Winter-Hart, while synth duties fall on Molly Vivian. The band might have only formed last year, but their sound is anything but juvenile.

The complexity of the band’s sound reflects their ability to not only write songs but to create a world in which the song exists. ‘Dedicated Consumers’ is an alien landscape that Liddle explores with his vocals. The music constructs a cocoon of sounds that enhance the senses. With its buzz-saw bass driving the other instruments like a musical motor. While the melodious guitars keeping the song from descending too far into a dark crevasse, adding an indie vibe that some music fans will find familiar and safe. At times it feels like there is a battle between the lyrics and the synths, as they vie for a commanding position.

Butterflies On Pins are an exciting prospect. They blend the industrial sounds of Kraftwerk and the desperation and despair of shoegaze. It’s not a new experiment, plenty of bands have been here before. But this feels like psychedelia that belongs in 2018 and that separates Butterflies On Pins from their peers.


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