NEW MUSIC: ‘Nice Guys’ by BOYS

BOYS are a London based four-piece guitar pop band and their brilliant debut single “Nice Guys” is a wistful and dreamy song that sounds like it is floating on a bed of marshmellows.

This is a 3 minute blast of pure melodic indie pop with mellow fuzzy guitars and featherweight soft ice cream vocals that carry you peacefully to the beach and act as the perfect antidote to all life’s ills and trauma.

Britain is set to bask in glorious 30C temperatures next week and “Nice Guys” is the perfect soundtrack to youth and summer. The warmth and melodic qualities of the song hark back to the beach pop delights of sixties bands like The Byrds and The Beach Boys. A soporific lull that draws you back for repeated listens.

BOYS are a band to keep an eye on and they release their debut EP “American Dream” later in the summer.

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