Skate Punk, Renovated: Barr-Nun Releases New Single ‘Be Like You (u.who?)’

Hailing from the Australian city of Wagga Wagga, skate-punk quintet Barr-Nun is back with an emotional and instrumental rollercoaster in the form of the new single ‘Be Like You (u.who?)’! 

Following a fusillade of vivacious singles such as ‘My Friends’, ‘Punched in the Guts’, and ‘Gotta Move On’, Barr-Nun has established itself as a medley of unapologetic virtuosos who are just what the punk-rock scene needs right now. 

Founded by Joshie Barr, Paddy Prest, and Nic Marinac, these Aussie lads formed Barr-Nun during a music class in high school, which then led to the recruitment of Lachie Burton and Joey Skewes after a multitude of high-energy shows! 

Garnering influence from Amyl and the Snifflers, Blink 182, and Rage Against the Machine, this five-piece is determined to leave their bold mark streaked across the face of the punk-rock scene! 

Now that you are familiar with Barr-Nun, it is time for us to take a deep dive into ‘Be Like You (u.who?)’! 

‘Be Like You (u.who?)’

Blasting into the track, on the wind of cheery background chatter, Prest’s buoyant drumbeats pave the way for Burton’s merry, spirited guitar riffs. When put together, the instrumental harmonies have a transformative influence – you can’t help but feel like your poster-filled room gets a little brighter, and your smile gets a little wider among the harmony’s incandescent adolescent soundscape. 

Adding to a stellar intro, Barr’s breathy vocals emerge atop the instrumentation, candidly enriched with classic Aussie lilt. Bolstered by Marinac’s fluidly crooning bass, every element of the composition comes together perfectly, rich with vivace tempos and in-your-face dynamics. 

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Unexpectedly, given the single’s overall jaunty tone, the lyrics are crafted with a punch of hard-hitting themes. Encapsulating the struggles of identity within a toxic, consuming relationship, Barr-Nun delves into introspection like no other skate-punk band. 

Every verse acts as a kaleidoscopic emotional venture that reflects the stages of a tumultuous breakup, exploring everything from liberation to drunkenness to trying to reestablish your own identity. 

Circling an infectious chorus that injects an acidic punk relish into the track, the lyrics, sprightly drumbeats, and distorted guitar riffs, all collide to effuse a live-show feel that you won’t be able to get enough of! 

Fading away on a rippling diminuendo, the track leaves you with a racing heart and a get-up-and-go attitude that makes it the perfect tune to listen to when getting ready for the best night out! 

How is this only Barr-Nun’s sixth track? 


Advocates of Chiko Rolls and beers, Barr-Nun is all about three things: good laughs, good times, and good music. 

These five lads are definitely ones to watch out for, having received support from revered publications like Happy Mag, Australian Music Scene, and Backseat Mafia UK (just to name a few), Barr-Nun is no stranger to praise! 

Garnering support from radio stations around the world and the lucky audiences who have witnessed their unparalleled energy live in Sydney, it is safe to say that Barr-Nun is going to be a trail-blazing renovator of punk rock! 

‘Be Like You (u.who?)’ is out now, so what are you waiting for? I know what I’m waiting for – their seventh release!

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