Profound & playful: it’s Litvar’s second album, Eloquently Aimless

Litvar’s Eloquently Aimless is a remarkable effort through the heartland of indie rock, emanating an authentic and relatable essence. This Connecticut-based trio, comprising Rex Thurstan, Violet Falkowski, and Joe Lemieux, crafts an album that radiates the warmth of their small-town roots while challenging musical norms. The album is a sonic tapestry of indie rock and alternative pop, exuding authenticity and emotional depth.

The opening track,”Saved Again”, sets the tone with delicate guitar plucking and ethereal vocals, gradually evolving into a captivating blend of glitching and innovative vocal processing. “Oh My God” follows, boasting an anthemic pop-rock sound that seamlessly transitions from intimate verses to bold, energizing choruses.

“All Those Minutes Ago” explores relationship struggles with a breezy indie pop sound, characterized by pulsating bass lines and grooving percussion. The title track, “Eloquently Aimless,” showcases an enchanting indie sound adorned with funk-inspired guitar work and captivating vocals.

The album’s production, helmed by Charles Newman, known for his work with The Magnetic Fields and The Bones of J.R. Jones, adds an extra layer of richness to the already vibrant compositions.

Throughout the album, Litvar’s lyrical introspection shines, addressing themes of self-discovery, confronting ego, and rewriting one’s past mistakes. Eloquently Aimless is an honest and immersive indie rock experience, exemplifying the trio’s growth as musicians and storytellers.

As Litvar continues to captivate audiences nationwide with their unwavering work ethic and expanding fan base, their sophomore album firmly establishes them as a force in the indie rock resurgence. For listeners seeking authenticity and relatability in their music, Eloquently Aimless is a must-listen, offering a heartfelt journey through the trials and triumphs of life.

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