Mouth Culture Share Anthemic Pop-Rock Banger ‘Don’t Pull Up’

An explosion of tight musicianship, earworm vocal lines, and infectious energy, the new single from Alt-Rock trio Mouth Culture, ‘Don’t Pull Up,’ showcases some of their most immediate work to date.

Wasting no time jumping into the crunching guitar and urgent, gravelly lead vocal, ‘Don’t Pull Up’ quickly introduces its melodic hooks and high-octane nature. As the track grows, introducing tight drums and driving bass that follow the choppy rhythms of the guitar, the track soon enters an ethereal pre-chorus before exploding into its stirring, unimaginably catchy chorus, as the vocals deliver biting, cutting lyricism.

Reflecting once again on some of their more heartfelt, lighter early material, the band continues their growth into a fully-fledged rock band, and I’m here for it!

Speaking about the track, the band explains:

“Don’t Pull Up is a straightforward head-bop anthem, saturated with attitude. The verses carry mischievous energy through a chest-punching bassline and provocative vocals, as the chorus explodes into a seismic release of soaring guitars with an electrifying presence.

The song was written in an evening of heightened emotion following the abrupt and unexpected departure of one of our band members. In the midst of the chaos, the looming question of ‘what now?’ injected passion and authenticity into the track, cementing the message as well as the connection between us – that no matter the hurdle, we can still write music that sonically and lyrically represents us.”

Capturing the energy and rawness of their live shows while also delivering a polished and infectious commercial flair, ‘Don’t Pull Up’ showcases the full potential of this exciting up-and-coming 4-piece. Keep an eye on the band as they continue their rapid ascent to fame.

Listen below:

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