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Welcome back friends! In todays Beneath the Surface feature we are joined by the incredibly talented Sal Weston, off the back of his debut album release ‘Miraculous Weekend’ which is live TODAY! SO exciting. We chat about all things music below, so let’s get to it!

What would you say first sparked your interest in music/who inspired you to make music?

I have always had a deep passion for music from a young age. Despite not having access to instruments or any formal music lessons, I was definitely interested big time. Thinking back, my interest was probably sparked by what my dad was listening to on the radio—classic rock stuff like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors, etc. My mom was more into pop artists like Prince and the Steve Miller Band, which I really gravitated towards. I always seemed to be drawn to music that you can dance to. Anyways, I became obsessed, so at 16, I asked for a guitar for Christmas, and my oldest brother got me one. Then, I taught myself how to play, sing, write, and record. I was inspired by a variety of artists across different genres, but some of my biggest influences include artists like Sufjan Stevens, Feist, Jonathan Richmond & The Modern Lovers, Roxy Music, and The Strokes. Their ability to convey emotions through their music resonated with me and inspired me to start creating my own.

How would you describe the music you are currently creating?

The music I am currently creating can be described as a fusion of indie pop, folk, and electronic elements. I aim to create songs that are both introspective and catchy, with honest and relatable lyrics accompanied by infectious melodies.

What does your creative process look like?

My creative process often starts with a spark of inspiration, which can come from personal experiences, emotions, or even a simple melody that pops into my head. From there, I usually start by experimenting with different chord progressions and melodies on my guitar or piano. Once I have a foundation, I build upon it by layering additional instruments and exploring different production techniques. The lyrics usually come later in the process, as I try to find the words that best capture the emotions and themes of the music.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? (let’s send it out to the universe and make it happen!)

There are so many talented artists I would love to collaborate with! If I had to pick one, I would say I would love to collaborate with Rostam Batmanglij. I admire his songwriting skills and his ability to create powerful and relatable music. Collaborating with him would be a dream come true that guy has some serious talent.

What is the one message you would like to send out to your fans?

The one message I would like to send out to my fans is to always stay true to yourself and follow your passions. Life can be challenging, but music has the power to uplift, inspire, and provide solace. I hope my music can serve as a reminder that we are not alone in our experiences and emotions.

What’s your top tip to rejuvenate your creativity/get over writer’s block?

When faced with writer’s block or a lack of creativity, I find it helpful to take a step back and explore different forms of art or engage in activities that inspire me. Taking walks in nature, shopping, reading books or even having get togethers with friends can help me gain new perspectives and spark fresh ideas. It’s important to give yourself permission to take breaks and recharge, as creativity often flourishes when we allow ourselves the space to explore and reflect.

What’s next for you, what do we have to look forward to/what are you currently working on?

Currently, I am working on getting this album out there so it can be heard. It’s been a challenge becoming a writer, producer, and marketer but it’s part of the indie musician journey. I’m putting a lot of thought and care into crafting a cohesive and meaningful collection of songs that reflect my experiences and artistic vision. I can’t wait to share it with my friends and the world.

Listen to ‘Miraculous Weekend’ below:

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