News: Andre Unknown Shares New Single ‘Affection’

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro and based in New York, Andre Unknown, a keyboard player, singer, and designer, uses a self-made app, diverse collaborators, and a self-produced process to create unique music. He returns with his latest offering ‘Affection’ that he wrote by himself and co-produced with Vic Delnur.

With this indie-electronica track, Andre captivates his audience with his versatility in vocals and production. His music is artificial and intelligent, blending house-influenced beats, grooves, Japanese vocals, French talk, poetry, and digital synths. His vocals are half man, half machine, and inspired by various sources, including computerised and street music.

His vocals are a hybrid of human and machine, at times vulnerable and exposed, at other times entirely digital, rasterised, spliced, and mixed back in, like a glitch in the matrix. Andre samples anything and everything, both inside his computer and outside on the streets, and draws inspiration from things like dirty white shoes, kinaesthesia, the hidden rhythm of traffic lights, and overheard conversations.

Andre would frequently fly to New York to catch up with his Brazilian friends who were visiting the United States due to the frequently misaligned expectations of city living in San Francisco.
André met Vic Delnur on one of those trips. Their friendship established itself as a pillar of Andre’s American creative life. The two worked together on André's previous song, ‘Truce’, and on ‘Inches’, leading them to create ‘Affection’, which even has Delnur’s father Victor Chicri performing a Rhodes solo on the bridge.

‘Affection’ is a testament to Andre’s artistic vision. The track delves into the themes of his experience of being excluded from his usual social circle and then turning loneliness into solitude.

‘Affection’ is available on all streaming platforms. Listen below:

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