Indie-Folk Explorer Sage of New England Releases Mesmerising New EP, ‘Encounter’

Matthew Hayes Jacobs, the creative mind behind indie-folk project Sage of New England, is back with an enchanting and emotive EP titled ‘Encounter.’ Collaborating with producer Justin Tracy, the EP showcases a captivating blend of sonic textures and rich production, crafting a multifaceted and organic sound that delves deep into the realms of melancholy and human experience.

The EP’s five tracks weave an intricate tapestry of acoustic guitars, subtle synths, strings, grounding bass, and shuffling drums, creating a pillowy and mesmerizing musical backdrop. This lush soundscape perfectly complements Jacobs’ silky, melancholic vocals, occasionally contrasted with lo-fi boxy production, adding a cinematic touch to the music.

At the core of ‘Encounter’ is a focus on themes of transformation and compassion. Sage of New England’s music leads listeners on an immersive and introspective journey, reflecting the artist’s spiritual and mental health journey. Through his songs, Jacobs aims to convey meaningful and authentic messages, offering comfort and upliftment to a world in need.

The EP opens with the whimsical track ‘Encounter with a Guide,’ a wondrous journey guided by Jacobs’ delicate falsetto vocals. This song captures the essence of the entire EP, enveloping listeners in dreamy, breezy musical interludes that spellbind the senses.

Matthew Hayes Jacobs shares his thoughts on the EP and the lead single, stating, “Encounter EP is an exploration of transformation, compassion, adventure, and walking the path of a mystic. It’s heavily influenced by my spiritual and mental health journey. I want to convey to the listeners what I have learned in my life. My intention with the music and lyrics is to do something that is meaningful, authentic, genuine, and truthful, something our world needs. This EP aims to uplift and comfort while exploring these themes of wisdom.”

The inspiration for ‘Encounter with a Guide’ came from a personal meeting with a guru, and the song’s lyrics deliver a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to transform and follow one’s passions. The track encourages listeners to embrace life’s encounters and seek wisdom in unexpected places.

The name “Sage of New England” originates from an upcoming song, scheduled for release in the fall of 2023. This composition narrates the story of a disillusioned woman finding inner peace through the guidance of an unlikely companion – a farmer she meets after relocating to New England. The song beautifully illustrates the transformative power of life’s encounters, urging listeners to embrace personal growth and wisdom.

Sage of New England’s music is a soul-stirring and introspective experience, inviting audiences on an ethereal journey through Jacobs’ restless musical ideas and otherworldly songwriting. With ‘Encounter,’ this talented indie-folk artist once again solidifies his place in the genre, leaving listeners mesmerized and inspired by his profound creations.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Sage of New England or a newcomer to his music, ‘Encounter’ promises to be a compelling addition to the artist’s ever-growing alt-folk catalogue. So, mark your calendars for the EP’s release and prepare to be immersed in a world of musical wonder and contemplation.

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