Newcomer Samuel Blaney connects deeply with nature in debut “Ember”

With debut single “Ember”, Irish multi-talented artist Samuel Blaney emerges as an artist with a deep passion for both music and nature, presenting a captivating glimpse into this magical union. As we immerse ourselves in his tender melodies, we are reminded of the boundless inspiration that nature offers and the profound impact it can have on our musical souls. This debut promises an exciting journey ahead, where we eagerly anticipate more captivating music that mirrors the beauty of the natural world.

Samuel Blaney’s tender vocals serve as a guiding light, guiding us through this mystical world where music and nature intertwine in perfect harmony. “Ember” is an exhilarating reminder of the profound connection we share with the natural world and how music can elevate that connection to new heights.

“The songs were usually written in one takes, recorded at dawn. Sometimes from a dream or vivid image, they are held together by the surrounding landscape which was silent and spacious. No lyric was prepared or written in advance; allowing a searching and vulnerability to form. The songs are tender because there was little outside noise, other than the birds and animals.” – Samuel Blaney

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