Lucky Iris release alt-pop bop ‘blowing kisses’

Lucky Iris just can’t stop making alt-pop anthems worthy of the dance floor and ‘blowing kisses’ is the latest of those from the Leeds duo.

blowing kisses explores the depth of having a crush on someone as you discover more about them, contrary to the inspiration of the single which Maeve Florsheim (one half of Lucky Iris) reveals “I overheard someone say; ‘a crush is just a lack of information’, and I just couldn’t get that out of my head – but I refuse to see a crush as just that because it just takes all the fun out of it, doesn’t it?!”

The single features well crafted glitchy electronics and punchy synthetics courtesy of the other half of the duo in Jasper Exley, providing a lovely juxtaposition to Maeve’s typically calmly and cooly delivered vocals and playful lyricism.

Lucky Iris are set to release an EP on 11th August titled ‘maybe I’m too much’ – and if blowing kisses is anything to go by then it promises to deliver some equally as infectious music from the pair.

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