Cut Throat Francis releases energetically playful EP, Everything’s Normal

Bristol band Cut Throat Francis has just released a new EP, titled Everything’s Normal, featuring the previously released single “I Want Your Money Back”. The band brings their highly energetic style to the forefront once again, accompanied by slower, equally enjoyable tracks that showcase their ability to create captivating instrumentals. What sets them apart is their refreshing use of the saxophone in place of more conventional electric guitars or keyboards, adding a unique touch to their sound.

Throughout the project, there’s an unparalleled level of fun that permeates each song. The band combines this infectious energy with lyrics that balance hopefulness with a realistic depiction of modern living and the challenges that come with it. With two harmonizing vocalists, Cut Throat Francis creates a dynamic and appealing musical experience.

The band describes ‘Everything’s Normal’ as a tale of four humans feeling old at 30. The EP covers a range of subjects, from one-legged dogs to the frustration of assembling flatpack furniture. It also delves into the existential dread of witnessing humanity perpetuate oppressive power structures without making meaningful improvements to the working class. Yet, even amidst these themes, Cut Throat Francis injects humor and cheekiness into their music.

Based in Bristol, Cut Throat Francis skillfully combines folk-style instruments, inventive rhythms, and upbeat Eastern European flavors to create their raucous and distinctive sound. With ten instruments shared among the four members, they create chaotic yet relatable music that takes listeners on a journey while offering commentary on the state of the world.

As their projects gain more traction and success, Cut Throat Francis is set to expand their audience. Their music resonates with listeners who can relate to their messages, all while providing an irresistible invitation to dance away the troubles of the world. With their unconventional approach, Cut Throat Francis breaks the mold of a traditional band and continues to carve out their unique space in the music scene.

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