Curse of Lono’s “Krieger” is a Tale of Bravery and Tragedy in a Mesmerizing Music Narrative

Curse of Lono’s new single “Krieger” uncovers the poignant history of the artist’s great-great-uncle, Heinrich Schwarz, a German Jew and war hero. The track delves into Heinrich’s experiences as a foot soldier in World War I, his clashes with the rising Nazi regime, and the tragic consequences of his outspokenness. It is a powerful exploration of determination, resilience, and the heavy toll of oppression.

Anyone that came across Curse of Lono’s previous album People In Cars will know that “Krieger” continues the artist’s signature style of weaving together captivating narratives and atmospheric melodies.

The accompanying music video, crafted by artist Stefano Bertelli, creates a mesmerizing visual narrative that seamlessly blends the past and present. From toy soldiers on a World War I battlefield to Curse of Lono’s performance in a contemporary bar, the video enhances the emotional depth of the song. Bertelli’s artistic vision captures the essence of the track’s themes, striking a delicate balance between the game of war and the harsh reality it represents. Through a paper world and gentle imagery, the video prompts deep reflection and leaves a lasting impact on the viewer’s soul.

Released under Submarine Cat Records, “Krieger” serves as a poignant reminder of the individualism and sacrifices made by those who fought against oppression. Curse of Lono’s ability to breathe life into past events and honor the stories of the forgotten is commendable, showcasing the artist’s talent for transporting listeners to a different time and place.

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