London’s Depression, Baby Release Driven, Indie-Rock Bop ‘In My Blood’

London rockers Depression, Baby return with the boxy, energetic and effortlessly infectious new single ‘In My Blood’.

Built around a tight, boxy, uptempo guitar led backdrop which is instantly comparable to early The Strokes albums with its distorted vocals blended with effortlessly likeable, high-energy sound of Catfish And The Bottlemen. Opening with distant, tight tom led drums and bouncing guitar chords the track soon burst into a more expansive sea of biting guitars and warming bass as the drums pick up punch under the distorted, urgent lead vocals. The explosive chorus soon takes hold lifting the track up a notch, building upon the energetic tone set early on in the track.

A cohesive sonic experience bringing together commercial appeal with it’s catchy melodies, pointed, biting and relatable songwriting, whilst still retaining their stylistic alt-rock tendencies, ‘In My Blood’ showcases without doubt some of the bands best work to date.

Speaking about the track, the band explain: “The song was built off the demo made by me (Dan, frontman) during a long period of isolation in my flat in January this year. I don’t know if it was because the new year didn’t have its usual sense of opportunity due to the sorry state the country was in, or that I was just freezing because I hadn’t had the heating on for a week, but I wanted a song that had energy and life. I wanted to deal with some things I’d been feeling for a while but also remind myself that I’ve been down before and made it out ok so why wouldn’t it be the same this time? 

I really enjoyed playing the big energy songs on our tour last year so I knew that it was something I wanted to keep exploring with this next body of work.”

Taken from the Upcoming EP ‘So What’, the new single ‘In My Blood’ is out now.

Listen below:

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