Five For Friday – 16th June 2023

Energy Whores – ‘The Winter Sky’

Fresh off the back of a string of highly-praised releases throughout the last year, New York-based duo Energy Whores are back at it once again with the vibrant new single ‘The Winter Sky’. With its fresh and shimmering appeal, soaring atmosphere, and killer hooks throughout, they are continuing to cement themselves as true innovators on the rise today.


Maddox Jones – ‘We All Need Somebody’

As an artist that has always looked to develop the more heartfelt edge within his songwriting, emerging singer-songwriter Maddox Jones is now looking to pull on our heartstrings even more with the riveting new gem ‘We All Need Somebody’. With its beautifully composed direction set against his heartwarming voice from beginning to end, he is definitely one worth keeping an eye on for the months ahead as well.


Isla-Maria – ‘No Doubt’

After recently establishing herself with some vibrant delights in recent years, 15-year-old newcomer Isla-Maria is back to continue her progressive ascent on the pulsing new groove ‘No Doubt’. With its firm and driven aesthetic perfectly elevating her tender voice throughout, she is setting herself up as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now.


Larry Thomas Moore Jr. – ‘Not Afraid’

Having already cemented himself with a flurry of releases across a near three decade career already, singer-songwriter Larry Thomas Moore Jr. is showing he still has plenty of fresh and enticing ideas to explore on the heartfelt new single ‘Not Afraid’. Using little more than an acoustic guitar, piano, and his own soaring voice throughout, he is returning to the fold with one of his most impactful cuts to date here.


Yilly Ruel – ‘God Bless The Kid’

As an artist that has been steadily working his way up the ranks in recent years, soulful artist Yilly Ruel is back to shine once again on his progressive new effort ‘God Bless The Kid’. With its gospel-inspired direction breaking out into a hard-hitting beat and lyrical flow throughout, he is once again showing exactly why so many have been flocking to him lately.

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