Bertie Newman’s “Home” is a captivating conclusion to his powerful debut EP

British singer-songwriter Bertie Newman unveils his latest single, “Home,” serving as a captivating conclusion to his debut EP, I Will. Garnering acclaim from BBC Introducing and Atwood Magazine, Newman’s music delves into personal struggles and triumphs, creating a raw and intimate soundscape that deeply resonates with listeners. With previous tracks like “I Will” and “Wasted On Me” earning praise for their enchanting melodies and tender vulnerability, Newman has established himself as an artist who crafts achingly honest and introspective songs.

“Home” continues the EP’s introspective narrative, exploring themes of neurodivergence, anxiety, relationships, and personal growth. Newman’s ability to connect on a profound level through his music shines through, reminding us that art can bridge the gaps between diverse experiences and perspectives.

For Newman, this sentiment carries even greater significance, as he received an ADHD diagnosis at 22. His unique journey and self-expression led him to create the thought-provoking EP, Thoughts So Loud, where he channels his experiences into poignant songwriting. Drawing inspiration from artists like Bon Iver, Hozier, and Gregory Alan Isakov, Newman weaves captivating indie-folk compositions that leave a lasting impact.

“Seaside Eyes,” a standout track from the EP, has already amassed over 2 million streams on Apple Music and gained editorial support, solidifying Newman’s place in the music scene. With the release of “Home,” listeners are invited to immerse themselves in Bertie Newman’s melodic storytelling and witness the evolution of an artist with a powerful voice and an unwavering commitment to authenticity.

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