Gilska Shares Stunning New Visuals For ‘Don’t Need Your Love’

London-born, Sri Lankan-originating solo artist Gilska has released her latest single ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ and it’s already turning heads. The pulsing beats and bright soundscapes of modulated synths create a danceable, 80s influenced electronic soundscape, topped with Gilska’s infectious, silky, breathy lead vocals. The track offers a unique blend of tight electronic music and pop tendencies to create an intense alternative-electronic-pop sonic experience.

Accompanied by a new video that has already amassed hundreds of thousands of views, Gilska’s latest release is a powerful statement of empowerment for anyone who has found themselves in a manipulative or deceitful situation. Speaking about the meaning behind the single, Gilska explains that it’s “very literal” and is about realizing the ugly truth behind a situation that was supposed to be great, but turned out to be a complete lie.

Gilska’s artistry has evolved from classical training into an edgy pop anthem, rooted in sophisticated lyrics and captivating vocals. ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ showcases Gilska’s growth as an artist and offers a powerful message for those who can relate. Its relatable, melancholic-yet-defiant lyricism, along with Gilska’s infectious vocals, make for a captivating listen. With her unique sound and growing support, Gilska is certainly an artist to keep an eye on.

Watch the new video below:

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