Emma Tea drops empowering indie-pop anthem ‘Free’

Emma Tea has blessed our ears with her latest single ‘Free’, blending elements of indie-pop with folk and 00s pop rock in this empowering anthem.

The London-based artist beautifully captures the highly relatable feeling of being trapped by responsibilities, the yearning for freedom and the pursuit of her dreams.

“When your day job keeps you up at night, and your passion stumbles out of sight”we hear Emma’s frustration ooze through in these lines as the song builds at how feeling stuck in your job can halt you from following your dreams.

Emma’s hard-hitting chorus slaps hard in Free. You can’t help but be compelled by her tender vocals which carry an assertiveness and conviction that make her words even more powerful.

Emma Tea cites the likes of Holly Humberstone & Billie Eilish as her biggest influences, but she also has a wide-ranging taste in music that spans pop, rock, and lo-fi. Emma has a seamless ability to blend her diverse range of influences across a multitude of genres, incorporating indie-pop, alt-pop, and electro-pop to create a fresh and contemporary sound.

We can’t wait to hear what else Emma Tea is brewing.

You can see Emma Tea perform live at our Acoustic All-Dayer in Brighton on 11th May – alongside 23 other artists at 1UP Cafe. Entry is free / pay as you feel, and the music begins at 11am sharp! RSVP via the DICE app here.

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