Park Days drops invigorating indie anthem ‘Down and Out’

Sit back, relax, and let Park Days take you on a journey through his mesmerising dreamy, breezy indie soundscape with debut hit ‘Down and Out’.

Park Days is the brainchild and brand new solo project of Sam Thrussell from everyone’s favourite south coast indie band Dutch Criminal Record.

Down and Out gives off a nostalgic summer indie music vibe, whilst also channeling a sense of peace amidst chaos. Produced by Rob Quickenden, the track was originally written in August 2020 as an acoustic song about feeling loss and grief around that period, while he was using guitar tuning inspired by folk artist Nick Drake.

When recording the demo, Sam plugged his electric guitar straight into his computer, crafting together a full band arrangement that he felt was reminiscent of something that The Strokes might have created.

After experimenting some more whilst recording, a very much Beach Boys-esque touch is added with the use of toy pianos. The finished result is a tranquil indie-pop bop with lush instrumentation, which showcases Thrussell’s seamless ability to blend together his influences to create something genuinely innovative.

Who knows what Park Days will serve up next? But if ‘Down and Out’ is anything to go by – let him cook.

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