psykhi drops insightful alt-rock track “Dry”

Psychedelic rock meets alternative rap in London-based Ghanaian artist psykhi’s latest single, “Dry”. The track showcases the artist’s signature style of combining poetic lyrics with fuzzy guitars and a punk sensibility. With themes of escapism and the power of music, “Dry” offers a glimpse into the unique perspective of this rising artist.

Psykhi’s musical background is a patchwork of influences, from gospel to Ghanaian Highlife to Shakespeare. His music is born out of memories of music drifting on a breeze through an open window or narrating the parties and funerals of his youth. It’s this vast knowledge of music from so many genres that informs his eclectic style today. But psykhi is not interested in telling his own story; instead, he’s more intrigued by the patterns and systems he sees around him. His music speaks to a generation that defies genre and generation, offering a refreshing take on the intersection of rap and rock.

With “Dry”, psykhi offers a unique and captivating sound that blends genres and defies expectations.

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