Dragonfruit Shine On Vibrant New Single ‘Honeymoon Phase’

Dutch electronic, nu-soul loving, pop inclined quartet Dragonfruit share the brilliant new single ‘Honeymoon Phase’, the title track from their upcoming EP due April 17th.

Built around a rich, pulsing electronic soundscape of crunching, swinging beats, swelling analogue synths and warming vinyl crackle, ‘Honeymoon Phase’ captures an fluorescent vibrancy and a intoxicating depth to it’s Maribou State-esque soundscape.

Topped with effortlessly charismatic and captivating lead vocals, the track’s pop exploits are bought to the fore.  Delivering bouncing, catchy melodies, the lead lines energy contrasts with the melancholic, longing nature of the tracks reflective lyricism to offer a hidden depth to the euphoric immediacy conveyed within the instrumentation.

As Honeymoon Phase reaches it’s latter stages, the track flourishes into a vibrant climax as bright brass enters and layers of harmonies dance around the vocals.

Speaking about ‘Honeymooon Phase’, the band share: “The track is about longing to return to the ‘Honeymoon Phase’ of a relationship – the base on which the whole relationship is built upon, when you’ve lost it out of sight but you want to get that flair back.”

An excellent offering showcasing the depth and skill the band possess, ‘Honeymoon Phase’ offers an exciting taste of what to expect across the upcoming full EP.

Listen below:

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