Lucky Iris drop emotive alt-pop banger ‘23’

Lucky Iris make you want to simultaneously cry & dance the night away with anthemic new single ‘23’ – laced with an infectious energy and punchy production, and written and produced by the duo themselves, and mixed by Richard Wilkinson (Adele, Kaiser Chiefs) and mastered by Antony Ryan (Oh Wonder).

The Leeds-based electronic-pop pair’s latest release captivates with their innovative style, combining catchy hooks and pulsating synths to create a truly dreamy atmosphere as Maeve Florsheim’s ethereal vocals soar above multi-instrumentalist Jasper Exley’s rich electronic soundscapes.

But don’t be fooled, this isn’t your average dancefloor filler. At the very heart of the song lies a depth and rawness that will hit you right in the gut. Lucky Iris are no strangers to making happy-sad bangers, but this one slaps hard.

Conveying the very highly relatable grief of losing our youth as we grow older and time passing us by, as the track builds early on we hear “I thought I would have a cat by now” – which appears quite playful on the face of it but in this jingle it actually claws you pretty deep at life just not panning out the way you planned or hoped it would.

Overall, it’s a standout release from this musical duo, which also showcases their undeniable talent. It’s clear that Lucky Iris are one of the most exciting acts in the alt-pop scene, and 23 cements their position as one of the emerging stars of our generation.

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