Bertie Newman shares second indie-folk single “Wasted On Me” from upcoming EP

Bertie Newman’s latest single “Wasted On Me” is a heartfelt and relatable indie-folk track, drawn from personal experiences. The song captures the initial insecurities felt when entering a new relationship, the fear that all of your flaws and hang-ups will give you away, and the wondering if you are good enough for your partner. The upbeat acoustic pop strings, enriching backing vocal choruses, and marching rhythm replicate the feeling of one’s heart beating out of their chest. Bertie’s tender vocals and emotive delivery add to the vulnerability and rawness of the song.

This track follows Bertie’s previous release “I Will” and in “Wasted On Me,” Bertie Newman continues to display his musical and lyrical talents, and the song’s emotional impact is likely to resonate with many listeners. With the upcoming release of his EP, it will be exciting to see what other personal experiences Bertie will draw from in his future music.

Both songs from this year will be featured on Bertie’s upcoming Thoughts So Loud EP, to be released in April.

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