Connecticut indie-rockers Litvar makes their name with “Alone (Not Lonely)”

Connecticut-based indie-rock band Litvar is making a name for themselves with their genre-blending sound that captures the essence of small town life. Made up of Rex Thurstan, Violet Falkowski, and Joe Lemieux, the trio’s music reflects their experiences growing up in a humble town and their resistance against the status quo. The band’s new single “Alone (Not Lonely)” is a witty and sarcastic love song that features self-aware lyrics and a charismatic blend of indie-pop and alt-rock. The track showcases Litvar’s ability to infuse their music with their unique perspective on the world, creating a sound that is both relatable and refreshing.

Litvar began working on “Alone (Not Lonely)” in early 2021, starting with a chopped guitar loop that served as the backbone of the song. The band enjoyed playing the song live so much that it became a top priority when recording their second album, Eloquently Aimless, due to be released in September 2023. The album will also feature the band’s previous single “You Should Find A New Boyfriend”. Recorded at New Monkey Studio, the band tracked the bass, acoustic guitar, and drums live together, capturing the same energy and feel of their live performances.

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