common goldfish’s “Low Lights and Throwback Tunes” is a psychedelic party anthem for nostalgic night owls

common goldfish is back with his fourth single, “Low Lights and Throwback Tunes”, marking the continuation of his unique psychedelic sound infused with electronic elements. The track is a groovy, upbeat party tune, featuring free-flowing keys and retro piano house vibes that harken back to the ‘90s. common goldfish, also known as Jonty Lovell, invites listeners to dance and relive nostalgic moments spent with friends.

The song’s inspiration came from Lovell’s collaboration with an old friend who sent him some poetry. The lyrics for “Low Lights and Throwback Tunes” came from the first line of a poem that immediately resonated with the artist. The result is a track that captures the energy and vibrancy of a party, with a blend of hedonism and nostalgia that takes listeners on a trip down memory lane.

common goldfish’s music has been well received since his debut single, “Feel The Fuzz”, which was released in March 2022. The artist’s sound is a fusion of breakbeats, funk-inspired bass lines, and catchy melodies that radiate optimism. common goldfish’s eclectic taste in music and self-taught production style make for an exciting and innovative sound. His music evokes memories of his childhood, where he was exposed to a diverse range of musical influences from his family. His sound is influenced by the likes of The Beatles, Moby, and Gorillaz, as well as electronic artists such as Four Tet and Caribou.

Lovell’s music is a testament to his passion for music and the importance of sharing it with others.

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