Tycho Jones Shares New Single “Risk To My Reward”

Rising London-based indie kid Tycho Jones first debuted in 2021 with their full-length debut record, Tychonaut and followed last year with their track, “Clouds.” Now Tycho is back with another new single “Risk To My Reward”.

Risk To My Reward” hits on a similar blend of indie rock and pop as their previous single, though their latest effort laces some new instrumental textures amidst the sharp hooks. The track centers on a hypnotic guitar loop and a buoyant groove, colored by warm indie-pop melodies and yearning vocals. It feels like a more complex offering, with the alluring rhythms drawing you into a haze of melodies. Yet, the track also soars with its chorus, hitting on a starry kaleidoscopic tone while offering some charmingly biting lyricism: ”there’s nothing left to my imagination, / there’s no risk to my reward.”

The artist says of the track, ““Risk to my reward is about the thrill of the chase — the pursuit of a dream, a lover, a friendship. Taking the risks necessary in order to progress and grow.”

Check out the song and lyric video below.

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