Singer-Songwriter Lenoy Barkai Shares Stunning New Single ‘Just Enough of You’ From New Album ‘Paper Crown’

Singer-songwriter Lenoy Barkai shares the subtle and beautiful new single ‘Just Enough of You’, an understated, reflective and emotive offering giving a taste of the personal songwriting to be found across her debut album ‘Paper Crown’.

Displaying a feel for affecting melancholy with both her musical soundscapes as well as within her silky vocal delivery, ‘Just Enough of You’ showcases the depth in Lenoy’s musical talent.

Strummed acoustics, swelling modulated guitar lines, subtle synth pads and grounding bass give the track a swaying, gentle, romantic and emotionally raw feel under the mesmerising lead vocal. At its most impactful in the intensely catchy chorus ‘Just Enough of You’ is but one of the highlights from the new album. 

Speaking about the album as a whole, Lenoy Barkai explains: “Paper Crown ended up being an album that largely reflects on different periods in my 20s. And when I thought about the common thread that ran through these songs, I found myself returning to different notions of power, gained and lost. I also like the image of a paper crown because it represents the fine line between the joker and the king – which reminds me to never take myself too seriously!”

Listen to the full album below:

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