Listen to Nicki Wells otherworldly world music in “I Have Longed To Be Here”

There are few songwriters like Nicki Wells who are endlessly exploring beyond what’s expected of them. She overhauled her previous pseudonym TURYA to be even more authentic to her sound and her music regularly takes influences from around the world. You could take your pick of any of her singles to hear Nicki Wells’ fascinating multi-dimensional sound, but its latest track release “I Have Longed To Be Here” that is arguably her most interesting yet. The UK artist was inspired by Indian classical and Bulgarian folk music, producing something that sounds almost otherworldly. She might be an English songwriter, but Nicki Wells unique vocal talent and experience touring with Nitin Sawhney’s band and composing for the likes of dancers Aakash Odedra and Hu Shenyuan’s Samsara production and dancer Aditi Mangaldas’ show Forbidden, further proves how much of a global citizen Nicki Wells really is.

“I Have Longed To Be Here” was produced by Nicki Wells, with mixing by Luke Potashnick and mastered by Nigel Watson at Edit Suite, with the music video by Ananya Tanttu.

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