Gary Hempsey Releases Brilliant & Bizarre New Single ‘Ganja Gnomes’ Via Conch Town Records

Florida singer-songwriter Gary Hempsey share the brilliant, bizarre and unequivocally fun and humorous new single ‘Ganja Gnomes’.

A song topic you’re likely to never see covered again, the new single is about Gary’s garden Gnomes and their secret side hustle cultivating cannabis. Adorned with its surreal story telling over a  warming folk backdrop, tinted with a hint of bluegrass, Gary’s musical maturity and organic, acoustic instrumentation shines. Joined by subtle electric guitar which later plays one of the instrumental solos dotted in the latter part of the track, Gary gives his acoustic sound an extra flair to match the tracks freeing energy.

Speaking about the single and how it was written, Gary adds:

“I was in my studio and went out into the yard. I have a few old garden gnomes out there kinda hidden in a bush, I looked at his face and noticed another one that the bush grew around so I thought these guys have lived here for a long while. Then my imagination ran a bit wild…

I thought up a scene where they were listening to the music from the studio and came to life. I started writing as if they were the garden keepers who also like to party – They take care of the garden but also grow pot on a very high level. So I made up characters and made them into a band. I took a guitar outside and started writing, I thought they would play bluegrass with an electric twist so I did what bluegrass doesn’t do – I added drums and electric guitar, Haha, like Zappa meets bluegrass. It’s a fun song that’s very upbeat with characters that come to life.”

Listen & Watch below:

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