Indie-Folk Artist, Jodie Elizabeth King Releases New Single: ‘Flesh and Bone’!

Oh, do I have the perfect indie-folk gem to shed some apricity on this chilly Christmas? Of course, I do, and it has been delivered by none other than Jodie Elizabeth King. For those of you who are criminally unaware of King’s work, it is beautifully rooted in the rich history of Scottish song-writing, inspired by the gorgeous labyrinth of indie music. Cherishing the influence of bands like Owl John and Randolph’s Leap, the alt-folk virtuoso aspires to bolster the continuum of Scottish consonance.

How will she do this? You may ask.

With the release of introductory single ‘Flesh and Bone’, from her forthcoming debut EP, I’d say the Fife-based singer is well on her way to achieving that goal.

The track opens with a gracefully adagio melody that celebrates the hypnotic lull of leisured guitar and elysian piano. The lithe coquetry within the instrumental harmonies is ineffably silken; serving as a gorgeous mosaic that allows the listener to peer into the poignant heartbeat of the song with an air of delicacy.

Not only does the instrumentation bolster the tonality of ‘Flesh and Bone’, but it also acts as the sepal for Jodie Elizabeth King’s mellifluous entrance to the track. Her voice exudes a particular shade of shyness that is perfect for the indie-rock genre. When you combine her petal-soft timbre with the slivers of Scottish lilt you hear in her performance, you truly become enthralled in the dichotomy between timeless history and a renovative future.

‘Flesh and Bone’ progresses like a brook flowing into a lake, every line of the poetic lyricism feels as if it is homeward bound, igniting little phosphenes of adoration upon the cadence of every riff. You listen to this single and you know Jodie Elizabeth King fell in love with the craft behind it.

Drawing to a close, King’s vocals absquatulates from the mesmerising composition of the single, sequestering the experimental textures of an instrumental that feels like a bittersweet, heroic ending to a romantic tragedy. The gyre of sorrow and beauty that permeates across the song frays into the silence, leaving nothing but a listener completely consumed by breathless emotion.

‘Flesh and Bone’ is my first experience of Jodie Elizabeth King’s spectacular style, and I can safely say that I will be very excited come springtime of next year. King’s first EP will be released on Stitch Records in March 2023. Till then, I shall be spamming the repeat button for ‘Flesh and Bone’!


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